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Hardcore Fiction

Supernatural Hardcore Fiction
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Disclaimer: The moderator of this community is not to be held responsible for the content posted to this community by its members nor does he/she share their opinions. He/She will delete/report illegal content to the best of his/her capabilities.


Disturbing, extreme, different, creepy, off, strange, bloody, unsettling, horrific and... hot?

This is a fic posting, request, plot-bunny, recs and archive community for fiction writing based on the television series Supernatural that many might consider going a bit beyond the "normal" boundaries of entertainment.
In general, our idea of hardcore is one of "Okay, that was fucked up but intriguing - andmaybealittlehot."

Please note that even though in many corners of the world "incest" may fall into the taboo category, most of the authors in this fandom consider that more or less canon. There are quite a few wonderful SPN communities that can deliver that for you hourly and while incest is more than welcome here, if incest is your only taboo there are better communities to suite your needs.
Disclaimer, Guidelines, and Rules

Please follow the rules to help make this community a safe and friendly environment.

1. Fanworks posted here can/will include:
a) "Darkfic" with explicit sexual activity in it, or
b) Fic which contains sexual practices that veer outside the "vanilla" category.
Examples: BDSM, toys, threesomes, etc.
There's only one kink you have to be careful about posting and that's underage: Fanfiction with graphic sexual underage content is only allowed if the underaged character is of the age of 12 or older. This goes for both RPF and FPF.
For an exemplary of kinks written about in this community see the tags starting with 'kink: ' here. Feel free to use this list for inspiration as well!
c) Visual art (vids, icons, art, manips, etc.), as long as it's dark or porny (or both! FTW). Bring us your nudes, we want them! Drawings of Dean in Hell? HELL YEAH!
SPN, RPS and crossovers are all welcome.

2. Label your fics and art with ALL warnings (or enticements, as we like to refer to them here) and an appropriate rating. Please remember that not everyone has the same sensitivity level as you.

3. Put any large images (larger than 300 x 300) or more than three icons behind a cut. A small preview image for a larger artwork is fine.

4. Please don't customize your fonts or add HTML coding that makes the entry look different than the default; it makes them invisible on some people's layouts and can cause problems for those of our readers who are visually impaired. If you feel your layout or entry makes it difficult to view your work, a simple "?format=light" at the end of your link will allow all users to be able to view your writing.

5. Tagging is greatly appreciated and will help people find your fic later. If you need a tag created, please contact a moderator.

6. It's okay to advertise a new SPN community here but please check with a moderator first if you're unsure whether or not it fits with our community theme. When posting, please make sure to follow the image guideline outlined in #3 above.

7. RPG and rating community announcements are not allowed. There are other places for that.

8. Fic recs and reposts of your older fic/art are welcome (encouraged, even) as long as they haven't been posted here before.

9. Fanfiction with graphic sexual underage content is only allowed if the underaged character is of the age of 12 or older. This goes for both RPF and FPF.

If you have questions or comments, please send a private message to reap_in_peace.

Note: We have fanworks that include (but are in no way limited to):
Necromancy, blood-drinkers, supernatural and human cannibals, voodo, dead brothers/loved ones lying around decaying on mattresses, people burning alive, sadistic bored demons, hell dimensions, zombies, serial killers, knives guns and axes, grave-digging/grave-robbing, evil little children, grandmothers that put people in pies, kidnapping, people kept in cages, hunting people, the potential anti-Christ, boys who have had to sew themselves up with needle and thread since age seven, digging bullets out of flesh, shape-shifters that tie people to sewer pipes, decapitation by barbed wire and killer chicken bones.
The world of Supernatural is one wonderfully disturbing place. Take advantage of it!
** This community exists for the sole purpose of providing a friendly space for depravity and perversion. It is in no way associated with the official creators, writers, producers or actors of the show. **

Official Partner Site: Writers: need ideas? Want to know just where your readers want you to touch them? The kinks they crave? Saunter on over to spnkink_meme, where anyone can post the fic requests of your deepest (to shallowest) desires and find wonderful people willing to write them out for you. Fulfill a fantasy and be sure to spread the love and cross-post your fics and art back here.

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